Hey there all you hate-filled, bigoted, baiting Anti-Christians and Anti-Christian lovers!

So; the list is not on my front page anymore; now you have to scroll to the third page to see it. And even so, that's the only traffic I see - both to my inbox, or my reviews, are messages regarding my list. Well; this list has taken on a life of its own! And boy, are you kids going wild with it! So; because I don't waste my time reading all of yall's love letters let me just reply to you all as a group at once!

1 - All you "women" or whatever you are attempting to get me to email you - HAHA.

2 - All you "men" who have gone all through my pages looking for things to hurt me with - all you've found is that I like(d) porn? LOL Does that mean you don't? I'm a man, just like anyone else, and I've been saved you idiots. I asked forgiveness from my God for what I've done, and I've repented. All those stumbles you see are from the PAST...of course, I don't expect you to either understand that, or get over it. Once I've messed up, you people who are unforgiven don't understand that my past mistakes don't define me. It's only you people who keep trying to hurt me by bringing up the past and get a good laugh at my expense who think that my sins are an issue.

Hey, buddy, know what? YOU are a sinner too! And you know what else? What you are doing to me and my wife? YOU are the kind of people who wanted Jesus to die, and chose the THIEF to live over your own Creator!

3 - I hope you all band together and DO YOUR WORST and try to get me banned from SU - I'd like to see you try! (Actually, you HAVE been trying haven't you) LOL. Such hate from you people - and you all say that I am the bad evil Christian. You people are stupid, plain and simple.

4 - Everyone of you who refer to Christ as 'X' - You don't get it, and probably never will. I feel sorry for your kind. Makes me believe in my Awesome God more and more; because only a God who truly loved his children unconditionally could do what He has done when you spit and revile, curse and blaspheme, bait and hate as much as you people do.

5 - I am not adding ANYONE to the list if you ask for it. Are you stupid? So all of you people who ask me to add you - take a look and see - I haven't updated the list for I don't know how long now. The list has become some sort of perverted pride thing for you unsaved blaspheming sinners. And that's why even though you may deserve to be on it, I refuse to add to the list publicly and I refuse to visit any SU user who requests I visit their page to add them. As I told someone else recently - this list isn't as important to ME as it is to YOU. I have other things to do with my day...

All you people with your egotistical atheistic views and none of you understand, not really. I've said it before, and I will say it ONE MORE TIME for all of you slow-learners out there (which is 98% of you folks):

The list was created because I AM TIRED OF STUMBLING ANTI-CHRISTIAN POSTINGS. THAT'S IT. And guess what? It's worked. HAHAHAHAHA

You people get your undies all in a bunch - oooh epinionated and hispeed have a list and they are condemning people blah blah blah blah...they are hunting people down...blah blah blah....

No. That's not it. You are stupid.

My traffic has more than tripled in 1 month here on SU - more than any traffic I had before. And if you look, I've been here on SU since July 2006. And it's all because you have found someone you can hate behind the safety of your PC monitor.

Go ahead. Hate me. Revile me. Condemn me. Call me names. Tell me I'm wrong. That I should just "deal with it." Whatever. Tell you what.

Why don't YOU just "deal with it." I love my God. And I'm a sinner. (btw - that means I'm not perfect.) And I don't need to put up with or respond to your nonsense. Nor do I need to put up with all of your anti-Christian postings and statements. Just because you have free speech doesn't mean that what you have to say is important (or even intelligent in some of your postings...) It's like a child - just because you have a NOISEMAKER permanently attached to your face doesn't mean that you always have to excersize it and MAKE NOISE. It's actually there (a)to sustain life, and (b)to communicate. (oh - and btw - MAKING NOISE isn't communicating.)

So - please - keep the love letters coming. Keep the baiting reviews coming. (that's for you HHMan - I'm asking for it.) I'm an easy target - bring it on. Because you and your foolishness is only hurting YOU in the end. I refuse to respond ANY MORE to any of you idiots. My life is bigger than SU and you faceless jerks. So point your hate at me and unload - because YOU DON'T GET IT AND OBVIOUSLY YOU CAN'T READ because I've other, better things to do with my time than worry about some ***holes here on SU and what they (a)think of me, (b)call me, (c)say about me. You aren't 12, and I'm not some kid on a playground you can all bully, intimidate, and tease.

(oh no, the great Christian hispeed CUSSED he's a terrible person!) YES I am. That's why I need Jesus.

So; go run off and play now children. Go talk about me some more, try to come up with a gameplan to get me banned from SU...Go on now - run with all the juicy material I've just given you...go on - do your worst...I'm waiting....go on now...why are you still here reading this? Go say nasty things about me and my wife...go on now...sticks and stones...go on....go talk about the "strong words" hispeed said...go put your spin on it...go say hispeed isn't so great because he said the "a" word (!!!)... I'm waiting for the hate mail and all the cussing and blaspheme...go on now...make it a whopper....focus all of your hate on me and forget that you need to be saved...come on now....bring it!

Oh - and since I STILL have your attention:

kakupacal - Jesus loves you. (X that out, jerk.)
lionsexyheart11 - This is the only contact you will get from me. Jesus loves you.
Foggy1 - Jesus loves you.
jbet777 - Stand up for your God, if you are a Christian. Jesus loves you.
wilderness1 - Jesus loves you.
tonyenkiducx - Make up your mind, you only live once (without Jesus.) Jesus loves you.
dabahcare - This is the only contact you will get from me. Jesus loves you.
duo-maxwell - Here's some free speech, from me to you homie - Jesus loves you.
navada - Take your high-horse down a notch (since you say you are a Christian) and stand up for your God. Jesus loves you.
evolutionrules - I am geologist and know all about "evolution". It's a crock. Jesus loves you.
italian-scallion - I've become a better person by repenting from my past. You should look into it. Jesus loves you.
trippyhippie - I'm not hunting anyone, you kids bring it to me, and I'm sick of looking at it. Jesus loves you.
xtine66 - same to you. Jesus loves you.
supatom - May you come to my God. Jesus loves you.
parfait-peach - You are clueless. (What are you, 15?) Jesus loves you.
joemayer - smack this - Jesus loves you.
scrappycat - I am not the Judge. Jesus loves you.
john77075 - thick skin this - Jesus died for you because He loves you. You need Him. Jesus loves you.
grizham1 - You don't get it. Jesus loves you.
VVendetta - Not falling for your bait. Jesus loves you.
42n8 - Glad you got some attention by reviewing me. Hope it helped. (you don't get it, are you 15 too?) Jesus loves you.
lastmaskin - Glad you aren't a Catholic. Jesus is the Holy one, not Mary. Jesus loves you.
isshe - Don't talk to me anymore. Jesus loves you.
timmytwang - Unbind your undies - it's the "thumbs-down" button. Jesus loves you.
katte - You've been brainwashed. Jesus loves you.
ejeswork - Good name calling - didn't think you had it in you. Read much? Jesus loves you.
darque - You need Jesus. Repent! Be saved! Jesus loves you.
handheadman - You need Jesus. Repent! Be saved! Jesus loves you.
defileyou - Jesus loves you.

All the rest of you - my inbox has become so large, I can't see any more messages, thus I can't reply to you directly. So, suffice to say,

Jesus loves you. Repent, and be saved! For you, and your family, you need Jesus!

Now, on a more personal note, I don't know any of you, and don't care to know you. You need to stop trying to harass me and my wife, and lay your pride down and put your faith in God. Because even though you don't believe in God, he exists, and died for you, and you WILL be meeting Him at the end of your life. All you need is to repent, and be born again.

I'd also like you to know, that all that happens in this life, is for the greater glory of God. And for your information, all of you kids who hate me, because I am tired of seeing Anti-Christian postings, and have used my voice...the persecution, ridicule, harassment, insults, blaspheme, and threats has only strengthened my belief in Jesus Christ.

You could care less if I'd said no more "anti-buddha" postings, or "anti-muhammed" postings, or "anti-lawnmower" postings. Because deep in your soul, you KNOW Christ exists, and died for you, and for some reason you can't deal with that. So you choose to turn from Him, and choose to defame Him and His Believers. I am sorry you choose that path - it is the WRONG path. But it is YOUR choice and YOU make it.

Not me. And nothing you say or do will stop me from loving Christ.

Now run off and make with this what you will...twist it, accuse, etc. etc. Fact is, you hate seeing someone stand up to you.